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‘Finding the Right Words’

The big event seems more and more imposing as the date grows closer, while the draft speech in your word processor strikes you as less imposing, less appropriate, less acceptable.

Why not turn to an expert?  Bob Putnam has served as principal speechwriter for three different members of the President’s Cabinet, worked in a similar capacity for five other top Federal administrators, and written speeches for a U.S. Senator and several corporate CEOs.

In a 40-year writing career, Bob developed the ability to research subject matter expeditiously, quickly assimilating distinctive idiom unique to area or industry, then to create orations capturing the depth of feeling, strength of resolve and individual character of his clients.  From geopolitical issues, to the intricacies of medical care, to basic values of national service – he has proven ability not only to delineate the logical argument that appeals to reason, but also to turn the emotion-laden phrase that touches the heart.

Pricing:  Putnam Communications does not offer quick fix, cut and paste speech products.  Several “on-line speech” services will sell you a “speech” for a few dollars.  You’ll get one or more thrown-together sets of boilerplate language, and maybe even some tips on how to “personalize” the material to your circumstances.

That’s not the way we work.  Our approach is analytical and intensive – digging into the event, the background, the audience and environment, your style and the outcome you want.  You won’t just get an email attachment and a “good luck” wish.  You’ll receive a polished draft personalized to you and our commitment to rework the material through two additional drafts (this is seldom required) at no additional charge.

That’s how we’ve done it for members of the President’s Cabinet and CEOs of major organizations; that’s how we’ll do it for you.

The cost depends on the complexity of the subject matter, the support materials you provide and amount of research required of us, the length of your planned oration, etc.  After discussing these matters with you, we’ll provide a firm estimate – and we’ll stick to it.

Call Bob (443/336-2816) for a free consultation about finding the right words for your next corporate or personal speech.